Rachel Mason Mar2015

Current clients

British Interactive Group Development and delivery of professional development days and support bursaries for BIG members. This includes management of The BIG Event – an annual three-day conference hosted by a different visitor centre each year.

See Science Representation in North Wales of STEMNET brokerage and other contracts which help schools to access STEM enrichment activities. This includes delivery of enrichment activities to students, support and training of STEM Ambassadors and teachers.

Women’s Engineering Society Event Manager, WES Student Conference and NWED Conference.

Techniquest Glyndwr Promotion and facilitation of secondary school TeachMeets in North Wales

Past projects

Welsh Government Assessment panel member for National Science Academy Grant Scheme, Facilitation of stakeholder meeting.

Graphic Science Contract work on discrete evaluation and STEM engagement promotion activities (mid-term evaluation of the Prince’s Trust Cymru Exploring Enterprise Programme)

British Science Association